Course Duration

3 days classroom, 2 hours virtual prior to class

Target Audience

anyone who facilitates business meetings, problem solving sessions, improves business processes and/or team decision making.

Type of course: Highly interactive, engaging, very little lecture or PowerPoint, working in small groups solving real or simulated problems from start to pre-implementation of the solution(s)

Course Overview

The course consists of participants being divided into “problem solving teams”. The team choses a problem (real or imagined) to solve. Each participant takes turns facilitating the group through one of five problem-solving workshops.

The team then begins practicing and applying both facilitator skills and techniques to their issue, bringing it to conclusion. Each team will use techniques and tools to define the root of the problem/issue, then analyze it and construct a solution(s). The final phase is building an implementation calendar.  Each participant takes turns leading their team through an exercise and presenting in front of the whole group.

*Workshop is not an additional “class” but rather a phase in the facilitation process to resolve a problem

Course Objectives

This course is ideal for those who run, manage, and/ or facilitate problem solving meetings, or want to improve a process.  This is especially helpful to resolving difficult problems and decisions no one wants to make. There is no magic formula in this course, but many tools and techniques to get a leader closer to a decision.

This course helps leaders make critical decisions and/or work through polarizing issues, resulting in more effective decisions and outcomes. Participants are organized into teams of three to four and identify a real opportunity for improvement, which they work through together until achieving a satisfactory outcome.