Course Duration

Three (3) days or 32 hours approximately. Typically, this class is conducted outside unless the weather turns wet then we train inside the dome.

Target Audience

This class is available to Knife River employees & Knife River Strategic Partners.
Call the Center for more details. (541) 403-7701.

Ideally experienced Dozer/Blade/Track-Type Tractor Operators with minimum
of six months experience.

Course Overview

The course is designed to take existing experienced operators to a whole new level of productivity, safety and efficiency while reducing machine maintenance and fuel costs.

Operators are measured before training against objective performance/operation standards and then measured again after training. This provides owners/supervisors with data to generalize how much improvement their operator(s) made during the course.

Course consists of both classroom and in-the-seat training operating machines. This course is much more than a PowerPoint lecture.

Modules Covered

  • Machine specific safety, including jobsite/mine, and personal safety
  • Walk-Around Inspection
  • Machine Warning Levels and ISOs
  • In-Cab Buttons/Switches & Features
  • Pre-Operations Procedures
  • Regeneration/DEF/Emissions
  • Operation Procedures – this can vary depending upon the class’s unique needs
    • Improved Dozing Techniques to move more materials in less amount of time
    • Increase productivity while reducing wear on undercarriage
    • Improved Windrow Cleaning
    • Introduction to Blade Steering
    • Improving Backfilling
    • Ripping Techniques